Becoming a young parent

This Information Pack is for 13-17-year-olds in Cardiff who are pregnant or already are young parents. It has practical information and courses that can help you support yourself and your child. It may also give you ideas of how you could return to school or get back to education, when you feel ready.

Why is it important to think about my future now?
Shouldn’t I be focusing on my pregnancy and the baby?

Yes and no!

Yes, you should definitely be focused on the pregnancy and the baby. There are lots of courses you can access through the Cardiff Parenting Team that will support you before and after the baby is born.

Courses like GroBrain and the Parent Nurturing Programme can help you to support your baby’s development, support how you interact with your baby and understand the stages and ages of development. Many of these courses we can run just for Young Parents which will hopefully make you feel at ease.

Your future development and opportunities are even more important now. Lots of evidence suggests that a parent’s level of education makes a difference to the child’s future success.

Parents are the first and biggest influence in a child’s life — guiding what they eat, where they live and how they learn.

Thinking about your own future is also an investment for your child and prepares you to help them learn.

I am about to become a dad, how can I prepare and how can I help my partner?

Becoming a dad can feel anxious. There are lots of new things happening, but there’s also lots of support. Get ahead of the game:

  • read about being a parent
  • talk to other dads
  • sign-up to parenting courses
  • learn new skills.

Some things you can do to support your partner:

  • be consistent — stay calm and positive
  • be helpful — find lots of practical ways to help around the home like keeping it clean and tidy
  • be committed — talk about your plans and your role
  • spend time — the quality and content of your time with your baby is more important than just the amount of time you’re there.

How can my parents/carers help me?

They can:

  • be supportive — listening to your worries and concerns
  • provide advice — they’ve had children and worked through many of the challenges of being a parent
  • offer to care for the child — so you can have a bit of time to yourself or go on a course

Support Services

Young mums under 16 get support from an ELAN midwife who provide extra social support during the pregnancy. They also get support from a healthcare visitor once the baby is born.

Young mums aged 16-17 get support from an ELAN midwife who will provide extra social support during the pregnancy. They can also be referred to Flying Start Services and get support from a Flying Start Health Visitor.

Flying Start supports children aged 0-3 years 11 months in specific areas of Cardiff. The help available includes:

  • enhanced healthcare visitor service
  • access to parenting programmes
  • support for children to learn to talk and communicate
  • part-time childcare for 2-3 year olds

Funding Support Available

PaCE — Parents Childcare and Employment Project

Young Parents (16-24) not in Education, Employment or Training might be able to get financial support through this European Fund. For more information, go to:

PaCE covers childcare costs while parents do training, work experience, or volunteering to gain the skills they need to get a job. The project provides:

  • one-to-one support in family friendly locations
  • searches for training and employment
  • help with ‘better off’ in work calculations
  • self-employment advice and guidance
  • pre-employment childcare costs
  • advice on local childcare and costs.

SureStart Maternity Grant:

This is £500 to help with the costs of having a new baby. To get this grant you or your partner must be getting one of these benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Income Related ESA
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Universal Credit.

It’s only available if your new baby is the only baby or child in the home. The grant must be claimed within 11 weeks of the baby’s due date or within six months of the birth. For more

information, go to:

Baby Roots Groups

These groups are for young parents and have lots of activities to do with your children, as well as advice and support.

There are three groups:

  1. Powerhouse (Llanedeyrn) — every Thursday (term time) at 12:45-2.45pm.

Contact: Rachael 07970601632 or Leanne 07976056140

  1. St Mellons — every Friday (term time) at 12.45-2.45pm.

Contact: Rachael 07970601632 or Leanne 07976056140

  1. Grassroots, Charles Street — every Tuesday at 1-3pm.

Contact: Instagram: @grassrootscf10 Facebook: grassrootscardiff

Cardiff Youth Service

Cardiff Youth Service works with young people to develop interesting, challenging and creative opportunities and experiences. Find out more:

  • Instagram: @cardiffyouthservice
  • Facebook: cardiffyouthservice

Families Learning Together at Cardiff and Vale College

This project aims to engage many families and encourage positive attitudes towards education. The team of qualified teachers deliver courses and workshops designed to take families on an exciting learning journey together.

In addition to providing parents with an understanding of how to support their children there is an opportunity to gain a qualification. As part of the course, parents become college students and enjoy a visit to the college where they find out more. These courses can be tailored to individual needs and are all free. For more information email the learning team:

 Specific courses can be run for young parents

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Get Cooking Courses

Get Cooking is a 9 week course that you attend once a week for two hours.
There is a crèche available for your child while you cook.

Get Cooking is a free 9 week cooking course for mums, dads and other carers.
The sessions are run once a week for two hours each.

  • Experienced and new cooks are welcome!
  • Quick, easy and tasty meal ideas
  • Free portion of what you make to take home
  • The chance to gain Agored Cymru credits
  • Meet new people
  • Free gift and recipe book when completing the course

To enquire about Get Cooking courses contact:
The Flying Start Food and Nutrition Team
Telephone: 029 20351377

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Information about baby massage is available from your Health Visitor.

Progression Pathways

Sixth Form & College Provision

Sixth forms and College help you develop skills through a variety of courses like:

  • GCSEs
  • A-Levels
  • Access Courses
  • BTEC level
  • apprenticeships and more.

For more information:


Traineeships are learning programme for young people aged 16-18. They help you get job skills and progress to further learning or an apprenticeship.

Traineeships can give you a taste of a job you might be interested in before you commit to a course or apprenticeship.

You get paid for doing a Traineeship and you receive support from your employer to develop your skills and knowledge further.

For more information contact Careers Wales:


Apprenticeships in Wales are jobs that include recognised qualifications and job-specific skills. You earn a wage while you work and learn by training on the job and studying at college (full-time or part-time), or at a training centre.

What are the Apprenticeship levels?

Foundation Apprenticeship — you would usually gain a Level 2 qualification (equivalent to GCSE A*-C Level).

Apprenticeship — you would work towards a Level 3 qualification (equivalent to A Levels).

Higher Apprenticeship — you would work towards a higher qualification of Level 4 and above. This could be an HNC/HND or Foundation Degree.

Degree Apprenticeship — these offer learning at Level 6 and provide the opportunity to gain a full bachelor’s degree. They combine working with studying part time at a university or college.

To find out more: or contact Cardiff Council Into Work Services.


Cardiff Council Into Work Services can support you with searching for a job. For more information:


For more information

Cardiff & Vale College: 02920 250 250 or email:

Careers Wales: or Online Webchat

Into Work Services: 02920 871 071 or Online Webchat

Learning Opportunities

Learn Direct — Learn English and/or Math’s online for Free.

On average courses take between 5 to 8 hours to complete, but you get to decide how long and how often you log on. Go to: or contact:

Cardiff and Vale College — Childcare Funding for learners at Barry College — 12 hours minimum study and you must be on a further education course.

Maths and English for Everyday Life — These courses are the next step up from the online English and Maths courses, and are currently held in Llanrumney Hall and other sites across Cardiff.

Adult Basic Education Courses — Improve your skills and gain a qualification in English, Maths or Digital Literacy for just £10. These courses could help you to:

  • gain an essential skills qualification
  • prepare for work or a college course
  • improve everyday skills.

These courses are run in various locations around Cardiff. For more information, contact:

Become a play ambassador

The Community Play Ambassadors Project is working with young people aged 14-19 to become Play Ambassadors through training, qualifications and placements into Play Work.

Qualifications include Level 1 and Level 2 Play Work Training with a commitment to volunteer 10 hours a month for up to six months while you’re completing the qualification. These are run at various locations in Cardiff, for more information contact:

Become a childminder?

To train to be a childminder you need to be at least 18. It’s a career that can work around you raising your own child and working at the same time.

There aren’t any entry requirements, but you do need to attend a session with the Cardiff Childcare Business Support Team, which is free, or through a webinar with Pacey (The Childminder Support organization) which costs £10.

The Sessions give you lots of information so you can decide if this is for you. If you decide it is, you’ll need to complete training which has 2 units and is part of a level three qualification. There is a fee for this qualification.

Pacey’s website has a detailed section on Becoming a Childminder and there is also a lot of information on Social Care Wales and City and Guilds.

Cardiff Family Advice and Support

Cardiff Family Advice and Support offers a range of information, advice and help for children, young people and their families in Cardiff. The team can provide information and advice on:

  • family life
  • child behaviour
  • childcare
  • parental support
  • school attendance
  • employment, money and housing
  • information and signposting to other services.

Cardiff Family Gateway

Cardiff Family Gateway is a contact point for information, advice and support. The team will listen to your situation, identify what support is best for you and help you access it. They can help you find things like money advice, housing, welfare benefits, child behaviour, childcare, school attendance, health and well-being, parental support and much more.

The Family Gateway team work alongside Family Help and Support 4 Families when and where families need additional support.

Contact the Family Gateway on:

Once the baby is born

Change Grow Live (Emotional Well-being Service) —

Turn2us —

Cwtch Baby Bank: your healthcare visitor can refer you — cwtchbabybankwales

Cardiff Council into Work Services provides employment and digital support to people looking for a job or looking to upskill. Employment, volunteering and work experience opportunities with the possibility of childcare funding and other travel expenses.

When you feel ready to take the next step into employment, contact this team —

Online advice and support:

Meic —

Young Minds —

The Mix —

Tommys —

Kooth —


Barnardos —

NHS Direct —

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families —

Feedback from a young parent:

“One of the most daunting things about getting back into education after having my child was the not knowing where to find this information and then the worrying about childcare (it’s expensive enough for two-parent families let alone a young mum with hardly any income). In some respects it may have felt easier to stick to the life of living on benefits – I think this booklet will be a great way of breaking that cycle”.

(Parenting Group Facilitator with Cardiff Parenting)

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